7 things you should know before booking a boudoir session

January 20, 2023 Boudoir

boudoir doesn't have to be risque - 1

There are so many preconceived notions about this form of photography. I was once one of those people who thought boudoir was maybe too risqué. I now know that is not the case! The great thing about boudoir is that it is a form of expression and there are no rules. You can wear an oversized sweater, overalls or a full outfit and it can still be considered boudoir. Boudoir is about feeling confident in your own skin.

Melissa Walden Photography's boudoir style is classy and timeless. Your images will be tasteful and unique to your personality. Check out my full boudoir portfolio here.

maine boudoir photographer

nerves are normal - 2

I've never worked with a boudoir client that wasn't nervous. This is completely normal! I pride myself on being able to make my clients feel comfortable regardless of the scenario. When you arrive at my studio, we will talk about the "game plan" for different sets and outfits so you know exactly what to expect. I always ask clients what their favorite thing is about their body (mouth, legs, etc.) and what their least favorite thing is. This helps me connect with you, make sure I know what areas you feel confident in and what you do not. We're going to focus on what you love! I will help guide you into poses that are the most flattering for you and there will be minimal effort on your part. Your boudoir experience with Melissa Walden Photography will have you go from nervous to having a blast in no time!

maine boudoir photography

you are ready - 3

I hope this hits home for everyone reading because it was almost the reason I never tried boudoir myself, which in turn would have never led to my passion for capturing it. When I was on the fence about doing boudoir, I didn't think I was "ready" to try it because I felt like I could lose another 5 pounds, dye my hair, blah blah blah. HOW WRONG I WAS! Boudoir is so empowering and allows you to be who you are RIGHT NOW and proud of it. My experience allowed me to see myself how others see me. I didn't see all the flaws I thought was making me not ready. The images were classy and I felt confident sharing them with others. Don't wait to lose the weight. You will always feel that you aren't ready. This is simply not the case because you are beautiful the way you are RIGHT NOW!

maine women boudoir photo

outfits are easy - 4

This is always a huge question I get from clients. I've worked with women who have had one outfit for their session, and others who came prepared with five! Some people bring what they have in their closet and others purchase outfits. My point is, the images come out beautiful regardless of what you wear. I'm a fan of jeans, white t's, button ups, overalls, long socks, baggy sweaters, jean jackets and tank tops. Lingerie is great, but it is not a requirement to do a boudoir session.

Melissa Walden Photography will work with you prior to your session to help brainstorm outfit ideas. You have the option to wear as many outfits as you'd like, but it is suggested you do no more than 3-5 outfits.

maine boudoir image

you don't need a reason - 5

Boudoir is an opportunity to focus on yourself for a change. Celebrate your femininity and who you are. Yes, many people think boudoir is something you do for your significant other. This is often the case, but not a requirement. Do it for you. Do it to feel confident. Do it to feel empowered. Do it because you can.

maine outdoor boudoir woman

images are included - 6

Every boudoir session with Melissa Walden Photography includes a private, password protected online galley which will be sent to you within 14 days of your session. The gallery will have anywhere from 30-50+ images of you wearing a variety of outfits. Included with your session are 20 digital images of your choice. You have the option to purchase additional images if you would like.

maine boudoir photo

Booking boudoir - 7

Melissa Walden Photography is now booking boudoir sessions for 2023! Sessions take place in central Maine in studio. The investment for a boudoir session is $800 which can be paid in up to 4 separate payments. The real investment is in yourself. You are worth it! Select dates for winter/spring 2023 are listed below!

  • March 18/19
  • March 25/26
  • April 1/2
  • April 8/9
  • April 15/16